Dr. Pandwe Gibson

Founder/CEO @ EcoTech Visions

Dr. Pandwe Aletha Gibson began her career as an early educational pioneer serving public schools and co-found ReNEW, the first Charter Management Organization (CMO) of its kind. Dr Gibson forged new educational structures in the Southern United States by perfecting scalability as she opened 6 schools in one year, 11 the second year and 16 the following year. During the last 5 years her focus has shifted from social service to corporate in an effort to increase scalability and sustainability. She supported varieties of businesses to grow through “Mom and Pop” phases to midsize companies. In 2013, she took a courageous leap into the entrepreneurial world and founded EcoTech Visions, a community development firm where she is leveraging her past experiences and skills to develop commercial properties that will revitalize communities and promote economic development. One such development is the EcoTech Business Incubator which will house and support green businesses with a focus on those that have a light manufacturing component which focuses on converting traditional blue collar workers into “green-collar” ones.

Dr. Gibson has a Bachelor of Arts from Scripps College, a Master of Arts in Teaching and Learning from Claremont Graduate University, a Master in Leadership from Harvard Graduate School and a PhD from Claremont Graduate University. She has lived, studied, taught and worked international at notable universities such as the University of Logon in Accra Ghana and Oxford University in Oxford England.