Kay Richardson

@ Clients Who Say Yes

Kay Richardson forced into business at the young age of twenty-four, had to quickly learn the skills of business development to propel her new healthcare business forward. Completely unarmed with any formal business training, Richardson built a brand a company that attracted Fortune Company clients like Adobe, Cargill, U.S. Government and local Municipalities. With brand and customer development being her strength, Kay infused her marketing and selling skills in the non-profit education sector earning $3.5 million in revenue in less than 4 years.

Five years ago Kay launched a business development and coaching service to help start-ups, services professionals and entrepreneurs overcome common business struggles she faced in her early years in business. The Clients Who Say Yes ™ Model helps entrepreneurs structure their personalized business models, create practical step-by-step plan to attract clients, establish profitable revenue models and selling skills to generate consistent revenue. Known for her straight from the hip business coaching and mentoring style, she is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and small business owners earn more in 12-18 months and achieve freedom.

As a teen mother who beat the odds of the public welfare system surviving on $238 a month, Kay is the author and a sought after speaker featured in the Miami Herald, Sun-Sentinel and other industry publications. Aside from being mom and business leader, she devotes her time and talent to educate and inspire entrepreneurship in youth.