Tim Hasse

Founder @ General Provisions

Serial Technologist Timothy Hasse is the Principal of Trim Agency, a South Florida-headquartered tech firm that develops high-concept applications for web, mobile, and social experiences. Timothy has spent his entire career in design and development of interactive digital solutions.

Hasse leads an innovative team of creatives, developers, and strategists that have served brands, agencies, and startups alike to take digital ideas from concept to creation. Trim has developed enterprise solutions for mature companies, and has ideated, built, and launched scalable applications for startups in the partner capacity. As a full service agency, Trim has created digital solutions for some of the country’s most recognizable brands.

Prior to founding Trim Agency, Hasse served as Global Marketing Director for Mile Marker International, a lifestyle brand in the automotive after-market. Hasse created an award-winning, in-house marketing department through a “digital first” strategy that transformed a fledgling family-business into a publicly traded, global brand and market leader.

Most Recently, Hasse founded Fort Lauderdale’s first co-working and Tech-Incubation space, General Provision, with the goal of accelerating the creative and tech communities of South Florida. Aside from providing a collaborative space for entrepreneurs, creatives, and technologists, the space is also the home to Broward County’s first independent programming academy, aiming to feed the South Florida tech ecosystem with new developer talent. Timothy is an emphatic supporter of agile project management and open-source technology.